Authors Road- Contemporary Storytellers speak of their vocation

Interview2WbSmI recently attended a presentation of interviews titled ‘The Authors Road. But you don’t have to wait for the Road Show to come to you. Vist the website. George and Salli of ‘The Author’s Road.’
have interviewed dozens of living American writers and even done treatments on authors who live on in name only (John Steinbeck, Mark Twain). If contemporary fiction the likes of Haki Madhubuti, Jo Harvey Allen, Frederick Turner, Michael Blake, Jim Harrison, Philip Caputo, Jim Fergus, Diana Gabaldon and many more; if these names speak to you, then don’t delay, please visit ‘The Author’s Road.’ Pictured: the Interview with Tom Robbins. A link is provided.
The Authors Road
Thank you George and Salli for what you do!