Need to update the email address of a Facebook Friend? It’s easy.


Hello Cyberwonks, wherever you are–

Portland has shut down as four inches of snow has arrived, making the place a snow holiday. Eat your heart out, Minneapolis. While I wait for the sun, what better time to update all  my email contacts –who are also Facebook friends? I don’t know if you have this problem, but my email server can’t handle this much intimacy. My Hotmail account won’t let me delete old email addresses that are connected to facebook accounts. It slams the old email address in the ‘send to’ box every time I email someone. even if I list the new email address in the address book. I’ve got to open ‘properties’ on the ‘send-to’ listing, remember what the old email addresses was and manually select the updated email address. The old email address just  won’t go away. Major hassle screw up, especially with email friends who change ISP’s or break out a new email address to stay one step ahead of Spam-Jam.

So…. today, I updated as many contacts as I could find that had this problem, as witnessed by this email I sent to Evans:

Email Evans,
OK, I think I solved the problem. Here’s what I did. Really nothing to it. Eight easy steps to fluid email communication. (1) First, I wrote down all of Rachel’s new contact info and (2) unfriended her on facebook, then I (3) deleted all her contact info from my email server, (4) signed out of my email server (5) after writing down my password, (6) restarted my computer, and then  (7) relisted all of Rachel’s contact info in my email address book –

Voila! Her old email address from five years ago when she used AOL has finally disappeared. Hurrah. If I knew it was this easy, I would have updated her info long ago.
It appears the problem is solved.

Oh, and then I (8) refriended her facebook. Here’s looking at you, girl!