The Congressional Investigations: Will honor, integrity and value be consigned to the dustbin of history?

The congressman may grill, embarass and browbeat the CEO’s of Toyota and BP. Will they likewise extract an “I’m sorry it happened” from Goldman Sachs? Hello. What’s the point? Does making the powerful appear powerless appeal to a certain block of voters? While this may be great STYLE; where’s the SUBSTANCE? What about fixing what ails society? What about holding people accountable? Will the $20 Billion in restitution ever be spent? Can the Gulf of Mexico be restored to pre-spill condition (or better)? How long will we live in this netherworld?

While cycnicism (and apathy?) towards these things may be the ‘generally accepted reality measuring principle’ of such things, one can only look back in awe at other times in history when the top 1% of society took too many liberties with the remaining 99%. At such times, when ‘enough was enough,’ true change took place. The signing of the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address come to mind. When will we see their ilk again? For those desiring to revisit those acheivements, I’ve compiled ‘Those Self Evident Truths;’ 72 minutes of audio inspiration for your edification. Available through itunes. follow the link above.  Thank you for your support.