Some say we’ve outgrown God, Others say We’ve outgrown Technology. What’s up with That?

Old Car

A quick read of any newspaper makes it clear, we are in a brave new world, a world which, judging from the works of Christopher Hitchens, has ‘outgrown’ God. God is not ‘sophisticated enough nor perhaps even intelligent enough to deal with the fast pace, the amoral code of conduct, ad nauseam, etc. Therfore it becomes the duty of believers everywhere to set teh record straight, while there still is some memory of such a record. Humanity has not outgrown God. Now admittedly, the ice gets thin here (climate change)? For while there are those who say we’ve outgrown God, there are some righteous godfaring types who are as quick to say ‘we’ ve outgrown technology.
For instance, if you are following genetic engineering at all, you’ve heard the genes that produce spider’s silk can be grown in a goat teat. The results are a very strong and lightweight  material. A question arise; What would God do? Well, the answer is he’s made man a little lower than the angels and given him a brain in the bargain. Hopefully junior’s brain with the spider silk in the goat’s milk is a brighter idea that Dad’s vision of yanking petrochemicals out of the ground and polluting the earth, air and sea all over the place.  

This strong material is being used for bulletproof vests for the military.  It is also used to make surgical patches and for other uses as well.
While ther are those who see a conflict between technology and God, my only response can be be “If God did not want people to think, God could have saved everyone a whole world of trouble by giving the dominon-over-the-world thing to the ants.
Those kind gentle hearted souls who look askance at technology have my sympathy. I too am often amazed how in the 20oo’s, CEOs made almost 300 times what the average Joe/Joane did. In the 1960’s, the ratio was 10% of that. Be that as it may, technology and the benefits of smarts arent going away anytime soon. Now is no time for the kind-hearted touchy-feely types to turn off on technology. The dynamic between government, industry and the people is a never ending battle- even food, a basic element of life gets caught up in the fray.

Speaking of replacing petrochemicals with organics, the gas and auto industy offers a classic case study in how industry and government have pulled one over on the people . Thanks to consumer activists, we now have (more expensive)safer cars with cleaner emissions. But even now, fuel efficient lags far behind.

Read EcoBarons–most urban areas would have been far better off with mass transit instead of such reliance on the automobile.

What the world needs now more than ever is for industry, government and the people to all meet at the same table and act in the best interests of everyone.

During the American Revolution, the church played a vital role in such a societal transformation…would that it could again.

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