The Real Cap and Trade—Seven Billion Affected!!!

webshots overpopWith the Copenhagen Climate Summit happening soon, there has been much skepticism raised on the value of cap and trade. Questions abound. “Is Carbon Dioxide really that bad? Will cap and trade really motivate the use of alternative fuels?
For anyone who doubts the human footprint has changed the environment, consider this. In 1960, there were only three billion people living on the earth. Soon, in the next two years, the population of the world will hit SEVEN Billion. Unless something drastically compassionate and widely supported happens soon, what will life on earth be like by the year 2050? Can the earth support TWENTY billion people? Yes, many of these people will be living in poverty, but even so, the demand on resources will continue to rise. Somehow means will have to be devised to reduce birthrates, and to more efficiently produce energy as well as process the waste stream. What do the nattering nabobs of Denial have to say about that?

Is Genetic Engineering for You?

How will behavior change when our thoughts are no longer our own?

It almost sounds like the Messianic Age is upon us. Bubble Boy Syndrome patients are able to live normal lives. There are blind people in Portugal who can now see, thanks to optic circuit implants. The life spans of laboratory rats is doubling and more. Understanding and mapping the gene strands, as well as advances in nanotechnology is making all this happen. Imagine the implications. The pundits are having a field day. Will the new hegemony of 120-150 year old people be resistant to change, entrenched in the status-quo or will long-range planning now take on new significance since more people will be living to see the consequences of short range planning? For further information check out

“People who stop learning at 30 are dead. They just haven’t been buried yet.”