Is Marriage Dead?

While the craven hearts of men and women have long been lamented in popular song and story, shall we now dismiss marriage as outdated and irrelevant? With the divorce rate gyrating around 50% of all marriages, it would seem there is more ‘promise’ than ‘delivery’ to the archaic institution.
Perhaps marriage should go the way of slavery and transport by horse and carriage.
But wait, all respect to those cloven by divorce, as divorce does work on individuals and couples in all walks of life, under all manner of circumstances, on those with varying degrees of ‘wherewithal’ ($$$) and smarts (IQ), are we hearing the full story when statistics cite a 50% divorce rate?
When it comes to large numbers, like the entire adult population of America, can’t we also conclude that 50% of the people are below average? Note: I am not inferring these are necessarily the same people.
Are we hearing the full story when we hear that ‘freedom’ and focus on ‘income generating activity’ to the exclusion of a private life are more important priorities? Have people truly become so sophisticated these days that the simple pleasures of exchanging kind words, keeping house, candles at dinner, and grocery shopping have all become passé?
It is a sad world indeed, I should think, once people begin to say to one another such things as:
“I don’t lift a finger for nobody unless I am paid for it.”
“I don’t have time for intimacy. It is too labor intensive. The results don’t match the efforts.”
“I don’t have time for exclusive intimacy. I always find myself falling into the trap of giving to my partner more than I get in return.”
Surely, with over population such as it is, it is good there are those who would prefer to forgo marriage. It is good there are worker bees uninterested in childrearing. Would that more people take up that lifestyle, especially in the failed states and least techno savvy countries.
However, I should also ask those who pursue such freedom and such dedication to their profession; ‘what of the children? What of those who come after us? If taking time for conversation, over candles (or not) has become droll, if every transaction must have a dollar sign attached to it, what does that say about our commitment to being human? Vending machines are very good at giving value for the dollar, though I would be hard-pressed to find a vending machine that can cook a fresh caught rainbow trout or even a tasty bowl of Hungarian goulash, much less a hug or even a smile.
Perhaps dinner over candlelight with sparkling eyes, sweet bouquets and sobriquets aren’t meant to last forever, but infatuation isn’t marriage. Couples golf, tandem bikes and ballroom dancing count as together time, too.
If any case, when it comes to delving into the craven heart of men and women are concerned, when it comes to saying “Marriage is dead, 50% of marriages fail, I would also point out that 99.9% of the people can’t be president of the United States or the Sovereign Head of England.
Should those institutions be discarded, too?

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